Press and Media

• We were honored to visit UC Berkeley for the “New Perspectives on Peer Gynt” conference.

• Nancy Carlin and Kimberly Jannarone had a hot radio date on KUSP (an NPR affiliate) on the 7th Avenue Project, produced by Robert Pollie.

• Nancy and Kimberly had a second radio date!  This one at KZSC, interviewed by the inexhaustible Bruce Bratton for Universal Grapevine.  The half-hour show is archived here.

• A great write-up of the project by Scott Rappaport at UCSC.  With pictures!

• Eve Warnock discusses her work, featuring The Gynt Project, on KZSC!

Jessica Faith and Chris Molla discuss their art and their work on “Peer Gynt” on KZSC!

• The Royal Norwegian Embassy announces the Project!

• Here’s some nuts and bolts about the performance.

• Here’s an interview with Kimberly Jannarone about the project’s origins, thanks to the University of California Office of Research:

• A featured write-up on our Norwegian Field Trip: Team Gynt explores the land of Ibsen and Peer, in excellent company.  (written by Christina Waters for UCSC.)  (Pictures from the trip here.)

• The National Library of Norway announces our conference.

• City on a Hill Press writer Janelle Gleason writes an advance story on the production.

• The Institute for Humanities Research announces the “Peer Gynt in a Digital Age” conference.


Announcement of our keynote speaker, Äse Vigdis Ystad, whose talk is sponsored by Cowell College and Jannarone’s Gary D. Licker Memorial Chair. Ystad has been knighted in Norway for her work on Ibsen.

• A concise Project Overview from our lovely sponsors at UCIRA

• The project director’s work (Kimberly Jannarone interviewed by Christina Waters for UCSC)

• Overview of the project from DANM (Digital Arts and New Media)

• Some images from behind the scenes in Digital Arts and New Media: “Peer Gynt in the Making”

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