The International Collaborators of Gyntiana

Kimberly Jannarone, producer, director, co-adaptor, conference chair, gallery co-curator

Brandin Baron, associate producer, production concept development, conference organizer, poster and program designer, gallery co-curator

Danny Scheie, Peer Gynt

Todd Pivetti, Peer Gynt

Nancy Carlin, Äse

Vigdis Ystad, Ibsen scholar, Norwegian Knight

The Gynt Band – Eric Parson and Mikael Witte (of Skinny Ricky and the Casual Encounters); Caleb Blondet-Fraser; Laura Wisdom

Eric Parson, composer

Christopher Molla, soundscape and installation artist

Jessica Faith Hayden, soundscape and installation artist

Eve Warnock, digital arts and new media design; installation artist; art director, DARC building

Kirsten Brandt, installation artist, additional direction

Drew Detweiler, lead mechatronics designer

Freddie Rokem, Ibsen scholar, dramaturg

Sarah Bryant-Bertail, Ibsen scholar, dramaturg

Sverre Mørkhagen, Peer Gynt scholar

Brian Johnston, consulting scholar and translator

Erik Edvardsen, director of the Ibsen museum in Oslo

James Bierman, adaptation and dramaturgy

Michael Chemers, adaptation and lead dramaturgy faculty

Ben Carson, musical dramaturg, lead music faculty, and the Bøyg

Kate Edmunds, lead scenic design faculty

Joan Blackmer and the Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery

Hailey McAfee, assistant director

Rosie Glen-Lambert, assistant director

Brooke Jennings, installation artist

Cordelia Miller, production stage manager

Rachel Garlington, stage manager

Danielle WIlliamson, digital arts building co-creative director; installation artist

Lisa Banks, digital arts building co-creative director; installation artist

Dor Crosby Atkinson, choreographer, movement co-ordinator

Yang Wang, movement consultant

Jen Schuler, costume design

Jessica Tran, costume design

Paige Dovolis, costume design

Danielle Murray, costume design

Sarah James, media design

Gregory Towle, media design

David Murakami, installation artist

Karina Chavarin, installation artist, map designer

Claire Frey, installation artist, map designer

Justin Zupnick, assistant soundscape designer

Sudhu Tewari, digital arts and new media design, mechatronics

Konstantin Lazarov, scenic design

Yael Gonicman, scenic design

Andy Grabowski, lighting design

Francesca Enzler, lighting design

Luke Wilson, installation artist

Zav Hershfield, props master

Matthew Wutsch, digital arts and new media

Marina Pinsker, digital arts and new media

John-Patrick Ayson, digital arts and new media

Casey Caldwell, installation artist

Rebecca Alto, concept development artist

Kyle Leitner, sound designer

Melissa Au Yeong, sound designer

Erik Butler, literary collaborator and translator

Digital Arts and New Media Mechatronics Project Group — David Berry, Chris Cravey, Derek Franz, Gene Felice, David Murakami, Jennifer Parker, Leslie Thompson, Sudhu Tewari, Amasa Warner

Dramaturgy — Wendy Burr, Eluned Herold, Alyssa Ciapponi, Sasha Pollatsek, Todd Pivetti, Aaron Gonzales, Meghan Rodarte

and the cast !

Katie Burris Kendall Callaghan Nancy Carlin* Ben Carson Vanessa Chavez Michael Chemers Ella Cooley Alex Doble Jacob Eneberg Julia Finch Patty Gallagher* Sarai Gallegos Eluned Herold Giles Henderson Katelyn Laird Alex Lasser-Gold Rachel Levy Michael Logan Luke Medina Nicole Menez Sara Moon Conor Murphy Gracie Navaille Todd Pivetti Annie Ritschel Neiry Rojo Paul Rossi Danny Scheie* Corey Slack Lily Sorenson Dorothy Souza Pallavi Srinivasan Justin Tandy Jessica Warshaw Paul Whitworth* Daniella Zuccolotto

and the crew…

Austin Kottkamp, technical director

Olivia Sorenson, master electrician

Stephanie Lee, assistant scenic design

Shay Heberle, assistant props

Ellen Howes, Ciera Graves, Taelen Robertson, assistant costume

Christine Hornbaker, Rebecca Ehlinger, assistant stage managers

Many Kleinert, production assistant

Lyle Troxell, DANM technical co-ordinator
Maerian Morris, installation media contributor
Sabrina Eastwood, promotions manager
Jenaro Ordoñez and Tracye Lawson, event managers

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